I was taken to Foothills Hospital Emergency Dept on Thursday August 13,2015 evening at around 7pm by my husband as I was having chest pains. I was sent in right away, the nurse said they would do blood work and it takes about an hour but in the meantime she would give me a baby aspirin, the aspirin never materialized.The Blood work was taken at 8pm.The pain stopped at around 9:30 and I had no more pain,I asked twice at 11pm if anyone knew anything,no answer.I decided that I was fine and asked if I could have the IV removed,at that time a doctor I had noticed before sitting at the desk came over and said my blood work was fine and when I asked why it took so long to let me know( I was thinking free up a bed for worse off patients) the doctor informed me that they were taking care of real patients with real heart attacks ,not people like me??At this time my husband who had gone to get a coffee returned and the doctor was now very nice.I felt very uncomfortable and felt people with chest pains were suppose to get them checked out not be treated as inferior when it is not a “real” heart attack.
Charlotte Newton
P/s I will now be reluctant to go to hospital again if I have chest pains or at lest not to Foothills Hospital.