On Jan 29th at 9pm I entered the GRH after being transferred from Hamilton General Hospital via OPT ambulance.
I had just been transferred after 6 days in Hamilton for a major spinal surgery.
I was sent to Kitchener for further physiotherapy and as it was closest to my residence.
To my surprise and complete unknowing, I was placed in the terminal ward on the 5th floor, whereupon the attending nurse was rude and ignorant and told me to stay in my bed and not to bother her as I had requested to see the attending doctor. At 9:35 pm approximately the doctor identified as a Dr. Sellers came into the room and i requested medical attention to check my wound dressings and to give me medication for the severe pain. (I had been given hydromorpheme in Hamilton)She keep quizzing me as to my condition and as to what “meds” I wanted. I asked her if she had my medical record and she replied yes and then said she was testing me to see if I knew what was medically wrong with me. I asked why she was playing games with me, and she crossed her arms and told me to lay down and she would have the rude nurse check on me later. This doctors manner can only be described as, depraved indifferance.
I then sent texts to a good friend in Kitchener as well as my wife in Hawaii as to the condition and treatment that I was NOT receiving. This texting continued until 2 am when I finally fell asleep in pain.
I was not attended to in any manner other than vitals that were taken when I first arrived at 9pm. I awoke at 630am to find the bathroom filthy with feces all over it and garbage on the floor and overflowing in the trash been. I was afraid to use it and used a supplied urine container.
As I left that toilet area I noticed a large black bug in the doorway to the hall and using my Iphone, took a picture of a fat cockroach on its back kicking its legs.
I then followed voices out in the hallway and walked past several rooms with `contamination`warning signs when I encountered the nursing station and stood there long enough to hear them (up to 6 persons) laughing and critizing a patiennt. When they noticed me standing there, one nurse asked who I was, but identified me herself, then said I had papers to sign.
I replied I wanted to see a supervisor and was refused and told that, she herself, was the supervisor on duty.
I stated again I wanted the hospital supervisor and was again told no, but that person would be in later and I should sign papers and return to my room.
I said Ìm checking out of this hotel`and went to my room and got dreessed as quick as I could when the rude nurse from the night before and demanded I return to the nursing station and see those people.
I placed my bags on a walker and made it out the door and tried to find the exit and was pursued by the rude nurse and the main nurse who continued to say I should sign papers and return to the room. I refused and got on the elevator to the main floor by 715am , where I called a Taxi and went to my residence.
At 9am I called the PR Administrater named Dana Schultz and proceeded to file a formal complaint. Later that day at 12:54 pm,which was Friday the 30th, Ms. Schultz and a Mr. Naels spoke to me in a conferance call, whereas I stated the entire events of the past 9 hrs at GRH up to my leaving there at 715am. Mr Naels replied with this statement,and I quote,(had you had your surgery here, you may have received better treatment)I couldnt believe what was just said and asked him if he would put that in a letter and sign it, he said he didnt mean it that way, and Ms. Schultz also said perhaps Mr Naels said it that way but it was not meant that way to be taken.
I asked for my $18. cab fair returned to me as well as pay transport to any available hospital for my rehabilatation. To date nothing has been forthcoming.
Not only was this a horrible experience, as to the treatment and insults by the nurse on duty and Dr. Sellers, the man in charge talked to me in a manner that has led me to believe at this time,, intentions to rectify this event will be avoided.
Bradley Trupp age 57 Kitchener, Ontario