My husband Thomas George Aulsebrook had cardiac arrest May 3/14 and was taken to Brantford General Hospital (BGH). Please note that he had triple bypass in 1998 at Hamilton General Hospital and had a angiogram done May 2013 in Toronto that showed he had 2 1/2 arteries working. Emergency department at BGH was great, when he was moved to CCU doctors come up with there own version of what had happened and labelled him. He did not do any of the surmised thinking. He was discharged May 5th at 5:00 p.m. and by 6:00 p.m. he was sweating and shaking – (my opinion – infection). I had his cardiologist business card and called him and he returned my call to say he would see him in the morning in his office. We were in his office May 6th at 12:00 noon, after checking him out he asked his nurse to call a ambulance – she said no because it would take him back to BGH. We drove him to Hamilton General Hospital and he said lay him flat in the car as his blood pressure was 80/60, because up to this point that is who BGH transfers patient to with heart issues. When we arrive I told the intake person that Dr. Bentley Taylor had called ahead to say we were coming and she was so rude “we are not a referral service”. I got the doctor on the phone and he talked to her however nothing changed. We/he sat in the waiting for 8 hours, intake person check his blood pressure once. We finally talked to a Dr. Catherine Anne Sellens finally and she said ‘why are you here you have no connections here and cardiology is not aware of you, so go home. I asked her to take Tom’s blood pressure and she gave a pppp noise with her mouth and sad it didn’t work for her. The nurse took it and went to tell her and she did the same noise with her mouth. So we left. We can only assume that she ‘labelled him as well’ from the BGH paper work and figured we were dirt under the bridge – whom should also be treated with more respect that this. Or it was political and that a doctor affiliated with Toronto hospitals stepped on this women’s toes. We left and called the cardiologist and after an angiogram at Toronto East General and a angioplasty with one Stent (May 30th) at Sunnybrook he is now on his way to recovery. The paper work from your hospital that I took to the Toronto hospital had some numbers highlighted by the Cardiologist – Glucose random 9.5, Urine Blood 2+, LKCS 21.6 – this Doctor obviously saw a concern when we got home from Toronto East General a message was left that a prescription for an antibiotic for Tom’s urinary tract infection had been order at the pharmacy to pick up. I am not a doctor but my theory is that he had a very bad infection when he had cardiac arrest and BGH and Hamilton General Hospital missed it all. All Dr. Bentley-Taylor asked that he be admitted to Hamilton General Hospital to have an angiogram done. Your Dr. C. Sellans was so unprofessional it was disgusting. I do hope she doesn’t treat all patients this way or she should look for a new profession.

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