I Mary Doris Jones went to your hospital on about 17 May for medical care due to high blood pressure, I brought my pharmacy profile from the united states. I am insured by Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Blue Cross opened a international file for me I went there the first time and Jose Hoff told me I had to pay $750.00 in turn I called Blue Cross and Blue Shield and receive a letter of guarantee and it was faxed to your hospital she Jose Hoff gave me a paper to sign in French I am English, I don’t sign papers I do not know what I am signing. I went back after blue cross and blue shield international sent Sharon Suttton was at the counter and she was rude she ackwoledge that they received the guarantee from my insurance company but she still insisted it was hospital policy to get the money up front so I have no pills, for my medical conditions. My husband asked what does she do go home and die and she shifted her shoulders and grinned. This is unacceptable. I noticed you had junkys, welfare,recetients, refugees and all kind of people that could not pay but you would not take a 32 year employee(retired)from the U.S. with insurance. somebody needs to do something or I will take this as far as I have to for results. mary doris Jenkins married to Canadian citizen barry g. harrison