I need to make a complain about an incident we had at the credit valley emergency today May 22, at approximately 9:30PM.

My sister who was the patient recently gave birth on May 06, was kept in ICU for about 8 days due to her severe health condition: her lungs had water and heart tissues damaged, shortness of breath with severely high blood pressure.

Arooj the patient became ill earlier this evening, she turned completely pale and have severe shortness of breath. We took her into Emergency where they refused to listen to her and advised her she has to wait. Few minutes later, she started to feel really hard time breathing and told me to approach a nurse, I went up to a nurse name Tyronne and told him “hey, my sister who is a patient tonight is having hard time breathing, she was previously in ICU and this was one of the reason, please do something about it”, the nurse Tyronne told me, listen she has to wait for her number to come, so go sit…. this response was rude enough for me to not want to talk to him again.

Minutes later, Arooj started saying please get me help i cannot breath, i feel like i will pass out, my heart seems to be racing, again i went and approach the nurse Tyronne telling him, listen please check her she is really not able to breath, she needs help, of course i was panicked and a little loud, my this tone was justifiable as anyone in my shoe would have reacted the same, the nurse Tyronne responded, listen she is not dieng, she looks perfectly fine and is sitting on the chair, she has to wait, i became angry and said why do you mean she is not dieng, i am telling you about her unstable health condition and you are telling me i do not see her dieng and that you will check her only if she is dieng, he said sit down or i will escort you, i was surprised to hear this and told him don’t talk to me like that and do your job what you are here to do, check her, he simply got up and went to the back and brought another nurse with him name Julia Lamanna who said listen we will check her when its the time and she seems fine to me, i became angry and Tyronne jumped stating oh i was about to call her next (i am sorry if he was going to call her next, why did he get uo to go get another nurse and not check her), then as Arooj was being looked after, i was standing behind her and comforting her, and said i am not happy with how you guys look after your patients, Julia stated if you do not go sit i will escort you, i said don’t tell me that ok, i am concerned about my sisters health and safety and i am not going to go sit and i am not talking to you, as i was talking, she picks up the phone and calls the guards to escort me, with in 10 seconds i see 4 guards come, and i am like what the hell, seriously, who even hired here to look after patient’s health, soon after Arooj saw the guards, she became upset and stated this is such disrespect, i wonder how will you treat me for the remaining of my stay, she got up and left and went and sat in the car.

Arooj started complaining i am going to die i don’t feel good i cannot breath then my brother because worried and called 911, paramedics came and took her in, her Blood pressure reading was 160, she was upset to see the nurse and think of the way they have treated, she did not want to be looked after and simply left.

Arooj as we speak currently as a blood pressure reading of 167. I am ashamed of the treatment we were given today, i cannot stress enough how upset and disappointied after this experience at the credit valley emergency. I have been donating enough money in hope of helping the health care get better but i definitely will be stopping that.

i need to my complain to be addressed as soon as possible and i really want these two nurses to undergo disciplinary action.

Please note, i am not going to end this matter here, i will definitely try my level best to take this matter to the highest level possible to make sure this stop and the nurses receive the penalty that they should.

I really do hope this complain will be addressed and every possible action that needs to be taken will be done so.