What kind of country do we live in where a one year old baby gets medical attention after 10 hours of admission? It was his first birthday and we had to spend the whole day in the same hospital where he was born. My son had gastroenteritis, he had continuous diarrhea and vomiting. I called his Pediatrician in the morning and we were told to go to the ER for immediate medical care. We reached the Scarborough General ER at 12 pm, after 4 hours of waiting the doctor in the RAZ (Rapid Assessment Zone) recommended IV but she had to send us to the Pediatric Unit, since he is a child. Therefore we again waited for another 5 hours just to see a Pediatrician. During this time I changed my son’s diaper 9 times and he was not able to keep any fluid in his stomach. I have seen patients coming after us and leaving before us. I understand patients get treatment depending on the seriousness, but here we are talking about a one year old child who is dehydrated, hungry and cranky. My son is usually a very happy boy, may be that had put him in low priority. Doctor finally visited us at 9:30pm and he was given Zofran to stop vomiting and we were sent home. Again the next day I had to go to the hospital to drop off his stool sample, which they could have easily collected during our visit. I find this highly inefficient. I am truly heart broken and when it comes to emergency medical care we are helpless. I come from an underdeveloped country yet when we spend money we get first class treatment there. I tried to put a complain in the hospital website but the complaint site is broken, so they are not open to take any feedback either. My son is recovering well and I pray that I do not have to take him to Scarborough General again.