good afternoon

My spouce Lise Desjardins Mercier is
a dyalisys patient at the Ottawa general
hospital on Smyth road. She goes for dyalisis Tuesday Thursday and Saturday each
week for the last two years.

TUESDAY March 11 there was another incident with a nurse name Edward.This is the second run in with this nurse. He had damage her fistula last AUGUST HER ARM was
blue and black for weeks. She had talked to head nurse Janet and nothing was done except to not having him as her nurse.

Yesterday he was assigned to her in H UNIT
and began from the start to be nasty with her. telling her not to complain about finnishing on time as he had other patient.
A verbal argument escalated with this nurse calling her stupid igrorant and childish when she started to cry. Also this person is physicaly rought with the patient.
She is afraid and intimidatd by him. He seems to have anger manangemet issues.

This man has no right to treat patient the way he did. We did not complain to Janet as nothing is ever gain by complaining

I guess the nurse s union protects them all and the patient has no right.

There are so many pleasant worker there like
Bruno that we can see the difference in compassion from one nurse to another.

We only asked for this nurse not ever again by assigned to her.

Thank you

Paul Goulet
Lise Desjardins Mercier

1626 Wallace St
Rockland On. k4k 1c9

613-446-6126 home

we would like feed back from someone if possible