Hi My name is Yousuf Khan, I got an accident on Sunday Nov 10, 2013 and I visit Hospital emergency department at 2:36 am on Nov 11, 2013 because of having difficulty in my arm and neck area while sleeping and I waited at the hospital for more then 5 hours and there was 2 patients after me both of them get room but I was left in the hallway to see a doctor, I asked staff I waited for so long so she said there is just one doctor it will take time and every one wana save money ( I couldn’t understand what does it means)she said if u want to leave it is up to you, so I decided to leave because my family doctor was available after 2 hours anyways, I have 2 question,

1: What kind of emergency service is this there are tons of nurses and office staff but no doctor ?

2: my government is paying for me I didn’t ask her to pay for me and this is not a welfare hospital it was a general hospital and who the hell is she telling me this ?

this is how to train the staff? and is she allow to tell patient to leave like that?

Yousuf Khan