I have always had a bad experience at GNGH. My uncle use to work there. He tells me they all stick together and have no life outside their job and make allot of complaints go away. My recommendation is to go directly to Patient Relation at the St Catharines hospital.

All the girls that work there are so immature, they all hang out together and breach confidentiality like no tomorrow. They tell their friends everything that is sensitive in nature regarding other patients. Even the adults are all caught up with the kids that work there thinking they are still in their adolescent stage.
They all cheat on their partners with people they work with their, it’s a total mess! Very unprofessional. I was told at one of their Christmas parties, most nurses sleep around with doctors at the hall or in their cars. I don’t know how they hire these people as it is a total embarrassment to the Niagara Health System. They constantly mock their patients, whisper things in each other’s ears.

I had the privilege of having this little nurse….I think her name was “Name Hidden”. She was very rude to me and my mother. She was so cocky and arrogant to me. She was chomping on her gum like a cow and walking up and down the hallways thinking she was all that. I will tell you something….she was far from it.

Every time I would ask her something, she would shrug off my question and talk to me like I was some low life off the streets. Sorry but my mother’s well being is very important to me and my family. I then witnessed her walking in the nurses’ station and whisper thinking to her colleagues and they all looked at me and laughed. Some of the conversations I was hearing that the staff was talking about it BLEW MY MIND! You are in a HOSPITAL…. WORKING…..IN UNIFORM and talking about the last patients “shitty diaper” and talking about their private parts.

This is unacceptable; I was thinking what are they going to say about my mom when we leave?? I think they should come up with a better system in how the NHS should hire there people. Most of their staff is not cut out for their job. If they are immature, cocky, arrogant, self centered and bullying patients, they should go serve tables and be 19 years old all over again all they want. Not disrespecting human life when it requires medical help.

Total disappointment, I will never step a foot in their again.