To Whom This Concerns,

On October 11, 2013 myself and two other volunteers were working in a Conference Room(E1-409),putting together binders. The room had been booked a few weeks prior to us using it, by a staff member and had received a confirmation via e-mail despite future accusations. The staff member was told when they booked it that there was no other groups booked afterwards, so if we were still in the room after our time, we were not to worry. As we were working, a group confronted us, saying that they had the room booked and that we needed to get out. We then told them that we just needed a minute to put everything away. When we were putting everything away, they then went to Customer Support. When they came back, our stuff was packed in the room (because we needed a porter)and we were waiting in the hall. They then began to wrongfully accuse us of not booking the room. Even after we explained to them what happened, they continued to tell us that we hadn’t booked the room. This offended us because after we had respectfully left the room for them to use they continued to rudely tell us that we were in the wrong. As younger volunteers we felt that we were not treated with respect and we do not plan on coming back to volunteer our time in the future.

This has greatly tainted our views on the professional staff at the hospital.

Thank You for your time and consideration.


Madison, Emily & Riley