Hi everyone
I just wanted to make a complain about the staff at Mackenzie Health Hospital. Located by Yonge and Major Mackenzie.

2 weeks ago I collapsed on Wednesday and I went there in agonizing pain from my right kidney. The paramedics and ambulance girls were AWESOME! i was in ER and after a bunch of tests they had found NOTHING but a 3mm shadowing in my right kidney wich is calcification. Gave me Perks and Some antibiotics.

Last Wednesday same issue, AGONIZING PAIN, I couldnt breath, I was throwing up, BUUTTT this time the ambulance girls were more worried about asking me FILLER questions such as “which hospital did you go to last time?” .. “How long were you there for?” — MIND YOU at this point I am passing in and out due to the pain.
The triage nurse decided I wasnt serious enough for the ER, after I BEGGED THEM about the pain and TOLD THEM SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH MY KIDNEY…told them Ive been missing school and such cuz of the pain…they send me to fast track, where i sat from 10pm-2am, with an inflated RIGHT SIDE. SO after throwing up infront of everyone for those 5 hours I decided to ask the nurse to let me lay down on a bed so I dont keep passing out on the chair. She said “No, all beds are taken”- meanwhile a guy with a broken finger was sitting on a bed.
After getting attitude from EVERY SINGLE NURSE WHO WORKED THE NIGHTSHIFT IN FAST TRACK ON SEPTEMBER 18/2013. along side of ALOT OF NOT NEEDED MORPHINE, DR. FU DECIDED IT WAS NOTHING and gave me more morphine to keep me queit.. My brother, fiance and I decided I am going to check myself in to another hospital.

ST. MICHAELS HOSPITAL found a 7mm KIDNEY STONE that has damaged my kidney and Urinary tube WHILE IT WAS TRYING TO PASS ON SEPT 18/2013…the same day when DR FU and the HORRIBLE staff at MACKENZIE HEALTH decided it was nothing and I was just complaining. DR POLEY AND DR KINGSLEY ARE AMAZING AT ST MICHAELS HOSPITAL !!!!!! THEY SAVED ME !!!

I JUST WANT TO SAY MACKENZIE HEALTH HELPED THIS STONE RUIN MY KIDNEY. I am also happy the nurses you hire dont want to be there, and dont take patients seriously.
THANK GOD FOR ST. MICHAELS HOSPITAL AND THEIR AMMMMMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING AND FRIENDLY STAFF !!!! never have i recieved such care and love from nurses. they all have BIG SMILES and dont mind getting you an extra blanket !!! NO ATTITUDE AT ALL… everyone apologized to me for being in pain !!!! HATTTTS OFF TO YOU St. MICHAELS !!!!

Mackenzie health you should learn a thing or two. people come to you guys in pain to be comforted. GIVING PATINETS ATTITUDE ISNT WHAT WILL KEEP YOUR REPUTATION CLEAN!