I cannot believe this place is a hospital. On one occasion, there were at least 5 people sitting in the waiting room with breathing problems, from approximately 11:00 pm to 6:00 am. Not one of them were seen by a doctor during these times, and finally, 3 of 5 of the patients got inhalers. I thought breathing/heart/major health issues like this, were taken in right away. Health priorities.
Anyway, my latest concern is where a patient went into diagnostic imaging and sat there waiting…then was asked at the time of her test, if she has somebody to pick her up after the test. She told them no, she was taking a cab home and that somebody was waiting there to watch over her in case something happened. These people do not have a car…but is expected to have one get a cab, go into the hospital and wheel the patient out to the cab and go home. This is a very costly process…and they are seniors.
My question/concern is, who is liable between diagnostic imaging and where the car is parked outside, if anything happened to the patient. I contacted this hospital about this and they confirmed that this was their policy, but never stated who liability would fall onto. When I went for surgery at another hospital, they called my driver to let them know when I was ready to be picked up, told him where to pick me up…and they actually wheeled me out to the car. Every hospital/doctor/etc I talked to were shocked that Peterborough hospital did such a thing. There was no way I could have went to pick up this patient because I have health issues and if one of us got hurt, we would have to get a lawyer and sue their asses off. I hope this matter will be properly taken care of!!!!