My cousin gave birth last night and since we only have very few family here in Canada, we take turns in watching her since the nurses comes half an hour to 1 hr when you ring the bell. My cousin was laying in wet sheets the entire time. It just so happen that my sister had to drive the other 2 family members home since it’s past 12mn so I stayed with her. I have my husband and my baby with me and we drove 40 minutes to get into the hospital. Since the nurse was changing bedsheets (which she’s not in the mood to do based on her face the whole time), I asked my husband to take my child to the other side of the room since it’s an unoccupied bed. He put the carseat with the baby on the chair and he stood beside it. An African-American nurse passed by and said no one is supposed to sit there as it’s supposed to stay sanitized.. it was less than 30 seconds! I know it is a shared room but it is an empty bed AND chair. It’s not like the baby was placed on the bed. I apologized but she repeated what she said AND roll her eyes and smirk to top it all. What a horrible nurse! It was the same experience 2 months ago when I gave birth in the same hospital. 4C Nurses in McMaster are horrible, they don’t have an inch of compassion in their body and they shouldn’t be in that profession. I hope this complaint reaches the hospital and have them reprimanded. We pay taxes and we deserve to be treated with respect as a person!