Sunnybrook is one of the most terrible hospitals in the gta drs have no manners some dont even no what the he’ll they’re doing it’s mistake after mistake and who has the right to die these drs are u plugging our family members without us signing any paper work I was bullied buy dr brian couldberton to unplug my son . This hospital doesn’t listen to asfamily members dr sniff Tass took my child meds without telling us so my son ended up having seizures 18 years later ? And we only found out bc an amazing nurse who’s she hated the dr told us to fight her but it was to late my son was brain dead ? When I ? This f little cramp dr , about my sons eyes she didn’t no what to answer ,sone of the nurses there are the worse peop,ei seen I used to call them killers that’s what they are hate hate them for killing my son had to bring a friend a chief of another hospital to come and tell me my son was gone bc these liars never told they are u u capable of doing a good job poor people that end up at crcu terrible included Karen maccormk terrible she will let u die and not help ? Then they had the gut to ask me for donations never