I waited 2 hours in emergency reception area then brought to another room where patients were being tended to, the first thing I noticed was the amount of stuff on the floor, empty syringes, and wrappers from alcohol wipes, a nurse finally after another hour in there took my blood pressure, I told her how much pain I was in and was told to wait for a doctor, I was in great pain and kept waving over to the nurses at the desk trying to get their attention not one of them would make eye contact with me or any other patient waiting there, its like they know not to make eye contact cos lord forbid they may have to actually HELP someone !! Even as they walked past us and people were calling out ‘nurse’ they wouldnt acknowledge anyone. Such ignorance from people who are supposed to be in a CARING proffession! I also noticed just the general appearance of there nurses, it was hard to tell who was a nurse and who was a patient, these nurse had long hair not tied up this is not hygenic and the clothes they wear are very unproffessional looking. Coming from Britain where nurses wear the same uniform and a hat with their hair tied up I found the nurses here in Canada to be very slovenly looking no respect for their appearance etc and it showed in their attitude towards the patients in general, they were a mess, the floor was a mess and their was no bedside manner of compassion for people who are scared and obviously in pain !! All in all a terrible experiance !!