I have not had much need for the ER until recently. I had a breast reduction on January 23rd at NYGH. The care pre and post surgery was exceptional.

I was discharged at 7:00 pm and went home.

I awoke at 2:30 am on jan 24th and there was blood everywhere. The pads had soaked through and my bed linens and bed looked like a murder scene. My mother who was looking after me called 911. I was taken to NYGH at roughly 3:00 am and admitted.

Whilst bleeding the nurse took off the padding the paramedics left on and brought over two dirty rough towels to hold myself. An ER doctor came at around 5:00 am. He looked at it and said that there was nothing he could do but wait and call the surgeon.

At 7:30 am he came back and said I was to find my way to Branson Hospital to see Dr Neu who did the surgery and it was up to me to get there.

A nurse came in wrapped me with a blue sheet around the seeping blood and asked when someone was coming as they needed the room.

My recount of what happened is without emotion as I want you to understand the technical aspects of what happened. I was in pain, bleeding and alone….during my 5 hour stay I overheard staff conversations that were inappropriate for patients to hear.

The care was in my opinion less than a third world country.

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