I am a person who suffers from asthma and I was having a servre asthma attak, when I arrive and could barely breath and thought I was going to either be sick or pass out from feeling dizzy and light headed. Instead of being seen by a doctor I sat in the waiting room as my attack went through various stages of bad to alright to bad, when after 2.5 hours of still waiting in the waitng room and not have been called to even see a doctor I asked the nurse how much longer of a wait, she said that couldnt find my file so the doctor might have it and to give them 10 more mins and they would figure something out I waited another 20 mins and decided to leave as I was still having a serve asthma attack and I was told by the nurse before I left it could be another 3 hours before I even get to see a doctor.

This is a problem as I was having a very sevre asthma attack and deicded to see if I could handled it at home which thank goodness I did by tripleing up on my inhalers all in one dose.

So next time do i just try and help myself at home and overdose and possible die, or do i wait in the waiting room of the ER unseen and die