Brampton civic hospital is the worst hospital in the world I feel. No care. No nice people. Very Rude. My wife had some issues during the middle of the pregnancy and because of the careless at this hospital, she had miscarriage that day after waiting for long time without any care. We were waiting for hours where no one is asked anything why we were there. Finally had a chance to talk with the OB for a min and we were very shocked when the Dr Ben talked very rude with us. Nowhere else we can see a doctor talks like this. But one nurse talked with us nicely as because she could have realised how rude the Dr talked.

These all left in our mind a question “are we living in Canada?”. These people don’t know what is emergency and the worth of time. Ontario government should do something very fast before it is too late. Please save the people including unborn babies from dying for careless.