This hospital is awful!! I had gone today and was forced to wait 4 hours after completing my CT scan for the results. I watched many patients of the other doctors go in and out while the doctor I was seen by was “too busy with another patient upstairs”. I was one of many patients stuck in wait. It wasn’t until I asked what the delay was that someone communicated this to me. I had been back from my CT scan for over an hour and was asked by the head nurse if I had even gone yet. Are you kidding me??? They can’t keep track of patients even when they are not being seen by a doctor. I asked of some otehr doctor could look at my file and let me know if everything was ok. I was told there is no other doctor in the entiire hospital that could do that. I was also told by the nurse it was illegal. It is not illegal to hand over a file to another doctor.

When doctors and nurses complain they aren’t making enough money I will laugh in their faces and ask what exactly they do to deserve more. This just makes me want privatization of services more.