My father recently had a severe stroke and was moved around to 4 different hospitals in one month. Needless to say, this has been a very trying time for my family, especially having to deal with very unhappy, ignorant, uncaring, jaded nurses.

Just a bit of background info on the extent of my fathers illnesses… Heart problems, type 1 diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, psoriases and food allergies, such as dairy (including milk which nurses do not seem to know that it is apart of this food group), pork, citrus, and soya. Having this stroke left my father very weak on his right side with little to no movement and the inability to speak.

This complaint is directed towards the nurses of 5Bfell in Toronto Western hospital and all of the nurses in the b wing and some in the a wing, 3rd floor of Humber River hospital, Church Site.

I have never seen such a lack of uncaring, kindness, and compassion for patient care and families of patients in my entire life. I have also never been so frustrated in my entire life with a set group of people. Common sense would say that these people took on this career path with the understanding that people’s lives would be left in their hands but this is so not the the case.

In both hospitals we have repeatedly had to tell the moron nurses that he had a stroke and has no movement in the right side and cannot speak therefore, cannot verbally communicate if he presses the button to call for them and that they would need to physically get off their lazy asses and come in the room to see what he may need. We had repeatedly had to reiterate that he is a diabetic and should be getting a nighttime snack because it can go low by morning and he could die. We had to repeatedly tell them that he has food allergies, meaning he cannot eat certain food because it flares up his psoriases. Like when we told them this and then for his nighttime snack they brought him a carton of MILK with a CHEESE sandwich… Both dairy products which he is allergic to!!!

All of this should be in his chart which, correct me if I’m wrong, but all nurses should be checking BEFORE they are going to be looking after and treating a patient. It had gotten so bad that we were scared to leave our father for the night and decided that besides going home for some time to sleep, we would ensure someone was there from morning to night to ensure he was getting the proper treatment needed to recover. One nurse in particular named Debbie at Humber river church is extremely rude and rough with patients and I would advise that if you or your family member have her as a nurse to please request for her to not even be allowed in the room! Apparently she was illiterate and couldn’t read the sign physio put up in my my dads room that they needed to be very careful when moving my dad that his right WEAK shoulder could become dislocated. My younger sister watched as she yanked on my fathers arm even as my sister kept telling her to stop!


I took it upon myself to make a complaint to the hospital and the response time was actually very good and in no time I was meeting with the floor manager for both of these hospitals. The managers seemed very understanding and from my experience after there was a slight improvement…. Emphasis on SLIGHT!

I’m appealing to everyone to please, if you or someone you know or a family member, god forbid, end up in the hospital, especially these ones, PLEASE MAKE A COMPLAINT WHERE NECESSARY!!!! Our healthcare system will not get better unless we as a society do something about it! Those complaints were because of the love and concern I had for my fathers well-being, but it was also for anyone else that had to or will ever have to deal with incompetent and useless nurses and doctors!!

I am still not satisfied with the outcomes of any of the instances I have encountered but I hope that this helps encourage people to stand up for their rights and do the right thing to correct the ways of this failing healthcare system of ours!

A. P.