I would like to see a sign erected at the entrance to the hospital parkade on Keary Street. This sign need only contain a large letter “P” and should face east down Keary Street so that it is visible to all cars coming from East Columbia.
In support of this proposal I would like to cite the following situation that happened to me:

I recently arrived by car at your hospital for a medical appointment. My route took me north on East Columbia and then east on Keary Street. As I turned the corner I noticed a sign that said ROYAL COLUMBIAN HOSPITAL and arrows pointing east with the word PARKING. Looking down the street to the end I could see no parking entrance. Then just past the first building on the right I saw a sign that among other things said that parking for hospital patients was $4 for overnight parking. It said nothing about parking during the day. I parked my car in the lot and as I was about to pay for my spot two other drivers came up to the machine. Together we noticed the sign that said NO HOSPITAL PARKING. We all asked one another how this could be? Perhaps the parking was further down the street but there was no sign visible to us. We were all in a hurry to make our appointments and so we just paid and carried on. Later when I returned to my car there were three people lined up to pay for parking. Just curious I asked where each one was going and they all confirmed to me that they were going to the hospital. I asked them if they realized that the hospital parking was further down the street. They all said no but they all remained parked. Imagine that. Six out of six people all confused regarding the location of the hospital parking. How much would it take to erect a simple sign with a large “P” for parking just outside the parking entrance and facing west down Keary.

One more thing. Lack of attention to detail is, to me, a good indicator as to how badly this hospital is being run. Overcrowding, patients in halls, poor signage, they are all symptoms of poor management. Time for a change. I mean a change in how you do things.


William Hegel
3220 Blundell Rd.
Richmond, BC