I’ve had a long road filled with rude, uncaring, unprofessonal nurses/doctors at Peel Memorial/Brampton Civic Hospital (different pile, same smell).

-1st child born at PMH in 1999. Doctor on call was too busy with his new computer to attend my 2 hour labor. Birth was so fast, I was delivered by nurses and had serious tearing. No room for me on the postpartum unit so I was discharged when they finished stitching me up (6 hours after birth).

-2nd child born at PMH in 2003. Started giving birth in the lobby because security wanted proof I was pregnant before being allowed into the building (middle of the SARS thing). Still no doctor, so the nurses caught my son in the triage room. Tore again due to his 9lb size and hurry to enter the world. Again, no room on the unit, so I was discharged a few hours later, after my 2nd round of stitches with NO FREEZING/NUMBING because I was “being a baby” about the pain according to the on call doctor. My son was also given a parting gift of a staph skin infection, which my family doc found 3 days later.

-my daughter had tumor on her femur in 2007. the technician who did the bone scan at BCH went out of her way to tell me that because of my daughter’s history of admissions at the hospital, she will be informing her supervisor of the results and social services/child protection will be called. ?!?!?!?! My daughter was admitted to that hospital in 2001 when she was assaulted by a babysitter and then transferred to Sick Kids. I was absolutely and totally cleared of any and all involvement but here this technicial was, throwing it in my face…I filed a complaint with the ombudsman, but was told that I was hearing things and that the statement was never said. No apology or anything.

Here I am now, pregnant with my 3rd child and high risk. I’m wondering if I’m better off just not going to that wretched place again and trying a home birth. My family doctor says it’s improved, but like I told him -different location, same idiots running it.