Brenda on 5/15/2011

The Thames Valley School Board in London, ON requires a doctors note proving a child has Fifth’s Disease. We believe our 5 year old son has it and the walk in clinic was closed when we recieved word from our Vice Principal on Sunday afternoon we needed the confirmation. I called South Huron Hospital in Exeter to confirm the walk in clinic was closed and informed why I was calling. The person at the hospital refused to give me their name, and told me my son was not an emergeny and a doctor was not available and even there was a fee would be imposed for the note. I asked how a doctor could not be available, she told me only for emergencies so I told her I needed a note for my son for school, she told me it wasn’t her problem, I only had one vehicle and my husband would have it at work when the walk in clinic opened during the week. I asked if she was turning my five year old child away, she stated he was not an emergency and hung up! I have 2 children (age 5 & 10) who have only maybe in at emergency and a walk in clinic once or twice a year, I hardly believe we abuse the system!