David Thornton on 4/24/2011

I have just discovered this website. It is what I believed intuitively. I have been incorrectly diagnosed at the Oakville Trafalgar Hospital and it is causing unnecessary harm and suffering.


-Receive safe and proper care.
-Have health problems and treatments explained clearly.
-Participate in health care decisions.
-Ask questions and express concerns.
-Request a second opinion.

1) I did not receive proper care.
2) Doctors have refused to explain their alleged “finding” of paranoia, delusional disorder, “out of touch with reality” etc., clearly and coherently or at all, for that matter.
3) Doctors refuse to allow me to participate in decisions with respect to my heath care, and notwithstanding published clinical reports I have recently come across clearly identifying my situation and more importantly the solution; psychological/psychiatric reports these doctors are not educated in nor have knowledge of, and they refuse to consider the findings.
4) The simplest questions I ask they refuse to answer and the concerns I raise are ignored.
5) I have requested a second opinion, or a simple reevaluation of their findings with respect to recent media reports that now obviously back up the very claims that I was misdiagnosed over; this information bringing their entire diagnosis into disrepute.