My mom was hospitalized after waiting for 4 hours.. She had muscle rupture in her knee.. The doctor gave her wrong medication.. The next day my mom had low blood pressure, i called 911. The paramedics figured out that the medication given to her was wrong.. We went in emergency.. Later in the hospital while the nurse was putting IV she caused her to bleed so much that it dropped on the bed. When I pointed out what the hell is going on, she sarcastically replied “are you scared of blood??”. What the hell kind of a reply is that??

Then later in the side room a really old man came in.. After some time the old man started to call the nurse and she was right there. I went to her and just made her aware that he is calling.. And the way she responded to me wass soooo awefullll.. If I was supposed to be her manager she was to be firedddd at the spot if I had seen that incident..

syed on 12/2/2010