I had complained for 3 yrs regarding symptoms. Also, told my doctor of 25 yrs. my maternal grandmother and my father had died from colon cancer. He was adamant I did NOT have colon cancer. Would he test for it? Ahhh…’no’ he said I could be tested in 10yrs!!!! Finally, after I could no longer ignore the 6 outof the 7 symptoms for colon cancer I told him either he do something or I would…he replied “I suspect you have IBS but certainly not cancer” He started testing for IBS”at the top and will work my way down”…within 2 weeks of tests I was ordered to the hospital immediately for a colonoscopy…yup colon cancer stage 3!! How can some doctors be so arrogant. To top it off he contact and threatened the new doctor I went to, saying he was stealing patients..I was eventually accepted by the new doctor but could not change my grown daughters over as the offending doctor continued to harass the other one. The involved oncolgist promised to send a letter to the doctor and send me a copy..she never responded to my visits to the clinic or my calls. I find them both negligent, incompetent and a menace to their patients. This was in Grande Prairie, AB. Sure we ALL make mistakes but have the gonads to admit it. If you Company and Department is not listed above, Please fill in the feedback form and it will be added… Thanks – Lois Morton