The administrative staff in this clinic do not use a consistent method to ensure that health cards are returned to patients. They did not return my daughter’s health card to her and before leaving the facility we went to the desk and asked for her card. They could not find it and acted like we were bothering them with some trivial detail even though they lost her card. They have a big stack of health cards in a drawer that were never returned to patients that they looked through for my daughter’s card. This illustrates to me the extent of the problem. They should consistently return the card to the patient at the same point in the registration / treatment process and ensure that all cards are returned. The attitude of the clerk behind the desk showed a total lack of professionalism. This clinic is also very run down and grubby with furniture that is not washable and looks like it came out of the trash. I will attempt to find a way to complain to the Ministry of Health about this facility. – Ginny Battersby