In the late evening of February 15th, my 4 month old son was taken to Southlake Hospital suffering from complications due to the RSV he had contracted. Upon arriving at the hospital where my son was having trouble breathing, wheezing and extremely upset, we were left for 8 HOURS in the waiting room. When inquiring about the ridiculous amount of time we were waiting for our infant to be seen we were abruptly told that ”well we’re busy”. I finally suggested to the nurse that maybe I should just take my son to Sick Kids where he might actually be seen. She rudely replied ”You’ll wait just as long there”. Now I was really getting annoyed with this flippant, rude nurse and I said ”Do you work there? How could you possibly know the wait time at another hospital?” Completely fed up with the incompetent, rude staff and unbelievable hours spent sitting in the ER with my sick infant I finally got up and left with him after sitting ALL NIGHT waiting to be seen! I will NEVER return to thi hospital again and instead will take him to York Central in Richmond Hill. At least they were prompt in doing chest xrays and tests to determine my son was suffering from RSV and got treatment. I am disgusted and shocked at the horrible treatment my 4 month old got as a patient in this so called hospital. I plan on contacting Dan Carriere, the CEO of Southlake and asking him how he can explain the incompetence of his staff and how a very sick infant could be left unseen and untreated all night long. I would strongly recommed avoiding this hospital as the ER staff are uncaring to the point of jeopardizing a babies heath and they are extremely rude.