I’m trying to help out my mother’s well being. I’m fed up with what she has to go through every time she’s in need of help. It all started 4 years ago. she was having abdominal pains. Doctors in St-Pierre,mb adminstered her to a O.B specialist Dr.McCARTHY. He decided to operate on her because she had growths on her uterus. he decides to give her a masectomy. Everything went as planned but my mother noticed more pain 3 to 4 months later. By the way my mother is now 49 years old. This same specialist sees her again. orders all these test done on her and discovers that he hasn’t taken all of what he should of on the first surgery and discoveres another growth. he orders her to have a second surgery 6 month after the first. He performs the surgery. this is when my mother started to complain about the pain she felt below the belt. she healed poorly. she still complained about pain. so Dr.McCarthy put her on a long list of pain medication including morphine. He also performs multiple tests on her and notices something else. MORE growths,so he gets her to take hormone therapy and try to get her to go through menopause in hope to shrink this growth.3 months pass by and the growth slows down but is the size of a grapefruit. during this time he’s given her a dozen different kind of medication plus that hormone treatment and she still complains about the pain. He now performs a surgery FOR THE THIRD TIME. he then takes the growth out. and this is when this all starts. He must of been irritated with her because he now believes it all in her head. and that there is nothing wrong with her. It almost took her a whole year to recover from that last surgery. she now had a bad infection. It finally healed. but now she claims that when she gets up she feels like everything wants to let go through her vagina. We now are fed up with DR.McCARTHY. We also found out through the nurses that alot of McCarthy’s patients are complaining for various reasons. she since has been bounced around in hospitals and no progress has been made. She has been this whole time on dissability term. she has been on morphine for over 4 years. In my mind because of all of thesse drugs been adminstered to her she also suffers from adiction and from ulcers. for the past 2 years she also has suffered from pancreatic stones and she is now suffering from kidney stones. she goes in and out of the hospital with nothing getting done. in fact some student doctor advised my mother that all of this was her going through menopause. Why? Because she was urinating blood? she has been urinating blood for the last 2 weeks. she ended up in the emergency last friday in St-Pierre. they are trying to get her transfered to the health science center but the specialist she is supposed to see is not returning his calls? what to do? My mother’s name is Pierrette Dupuis. her house number is 204-433-7512. she lives in St-Pierre mb. please help! i am sick of seeing her like this.IN PAIN!!!!!!!
darrell dupuis on 10/21/2008