Our family doctor from Medical Arts Building advised us to have a retest on our 2-year old son who was found out to be G6PD after birth (born in the Philippines). We agreed and had his blood samples collected at the Medical Arts Building before 6pm (after his check-up). The samples shall be brought to the Health Sciences Centre for test the following day. We did not hear anything from our doctor regarding the results so we decided to schedule an appointment with our family doctor 2 months after just to find out that the test was not done because the samples were more than 24-hour old. As a result, my 2-year old son has to undergo the same process again just to get another blood samples for the test. We do not know whose diligence are we going to question, Medical Arts or Health Sciences? But as far as us, his parents are concerned, this should not happen especially to a toddler being the patient.

Luizen Deluz on 10/10/2008