On June 23, 2008 I took my 6 year old son Tyler Meira to the emergency department with a fractured elbow. We arrived at the hospital at 12:30 p.m. and did not leave until 7:30 p.m. We were told that we would have a 3 hour wait which was understandable, but 7 hours, not acceptable!!!! We sat in the emergency room for 3 hours. Where, I became increasingly frustrated. I then walked up to one of the registration ladies asking them when my son would be seen. She answered rudely, that I would have to ask the nurse, then proceeded to chuckle and shake her head with another person. I then asked the nurse on duty at the time if Tyler Meira needed to have x-rays taken, she finally sent us into one of the rooms where we waited for another 2 hours to see a doctor. The doctor finally came in and ordered x-rays, and we waited another 2 hours just to have x-rays done on my son while he sat in agony. During the entire time 2 children Tyler’s age also came in with fractured arms and were taken immediately in to have x-rays done and were out of emergency within 2 hours!!!The service I received at this hospital is totally unacceptable. As I write this letter of complaint I am becoming increasingly frustrated, at the fact that my son was there for 7 hours in pain.!!!!! I need to know why we were overlooked, and I definitely need a response as to why some nurses who are there to help the sick and helpless, are heartless especially when their job are to be caring and sympathetic towards the sick!!!!!

Helena Meira