My daughter did the Covid test on the emergency of the Lakeridge Oshawa hospital, but until now, the results were not provided. I have checked the government’s website, but the information is unavailable. Considering the Covid rules, my husband, daughter, and I are self-isolated. To avoid problems with our jobs and University, I asked for one document demonstrating that my daughter did the Covid test to present it to the referred places once we cannot attend presential activities. Unfortunately, they denied it.
I called the hospital several times, and they transferred me from one department to another, I left several messages in different departments, but nobody called me back.
Unfortunately, considering that there have been more than 96 hours since she did the test (last Wednesday – Dec 01st, 2021), I have to provide any document/ information justifying our absence.
Both of us can be impacted negatively due to our unjustifiable absence. In this sense, I am only asking for help to demonstrate that she did the test and when she did it.

My daughters name: Maria Zago
Date of birth: July 05, 2021
My name is Rosangela Zago
phone: 289-675-8789

Thank you in advance.


Rosangela Zago