Date of hysterectomy Sept 9
Discharged Sept 12
5th floor, Rm 522
Main nurse : Dark skinned

Complaint: terrible manners , horrible, inadequate service
1. Needs water to ingest Tylenol . She says it is not her job
2. Replaced bed pad underneath on first day but did not replace afterĺwards leaving it bloody
3. Did not replace her underwear with vaginal pad throughout the days leaving it bloody
4. Did not clean the washroom at all
5. Ringing the bell for assistance but no service and reply. In fact, the nurse cut off the help button in the adjacent room.
6. Upon discharge, the nurse did not offer wheelchair and said u can walk yourself
7. Wife needed help getting help lifting herself in the bed. The nurse told her to do it herself telling her to use the bars

I believe that her unsanitary practices led my wife to emergency again at Oakville Trafalgar to treat her infection and to drain her hematomas/Abscesses intravaginally and around her abdomen.

My wife is currently at Sept 20 at oakville trafalga