Had a req for a CT scan, booked an appt. Had to be 1 of 2 time slots (7:15 or 7:45am) none of which I liked. Got there on time for my appt and was told to take some meds and wait for them to kick in for an hour before the test. Why not let me take them before I get there? Send me a prescription for 1 dose idc, I don’t want to be in the hospital waiting if I don’t have to. Next, I end up sitting in the waiting room for 2+ hours before they check on me. Like.. why? I could’ve just taken the pills before my appt at a regular time, say 11am, show up and take my test within an hour or so and be gone. Instead, I literally was at the hospital for 5+ hours. Are they paying my parking? My missed hourly wages? Why is my time not important here?