I have 2 complaints. On March 7, 2021, I was scheduled for a breast exam in Room 1B164. I arrived with my mask on and the reception area had a long plastic sheeting in front of the receptionist and the receptionist was also wearing a mask. She was sitting down and I was standing. She asked me some questions but no matter how many times I responded she could not hear me. I repeated myself more than once. When it became evident that she could not hear me I proceeded to answer her questions by talking louder. Each question she asked I talked loud so that she could hear. When I did that, she could hear. (I was not abusing her by talking louder just responding to her questions because she obviously could not hear. After her interrogation, she asked me to sit down which I did. She shortly proceeded to give me a gown and as I walked to the change room before shutting my door she proceeded in accusing me of being abusive. She went on that she could have me thrown out because of that. That abusive behaviour is not tolerated. I tried to tell her that I was not being abusive but simply give her the answers she was looking for by talking louder as clearly she could not hear me because of all the COVID barriers. She would not listen to me and I ended up closing the change room door in front of her because I did all I could to let her know of why I spoke louder. As I was sitting down waiting for the technician to take me in for the exam, she ran into the exam room to talk to the technician. (I am certain she spoke to her about what she thought was verbal abuse). I went into the exam room with no incident and the technician was friendly.

I recent being made to feel that I am abusive when clearly I was only accommodating her into hearing the proper information she was looking for. Is it my fault that we have COVID and that we all have to wear masks which that on its own makes a lot of people have difficulty hearing? Then add a large plastic sheeting between wearing masks and you have double the trouble in hearing. That is not my fault. Reception have to be educated on the difference between actual abuse and COVID restrictions. I very much resented made to feel as if I was abusive when I was not. This is not the first time that Montfort staff has responded that way .. with a mentality of superiority as you will see with my next complaint below.

Complaint No.: Again at Montfort, I ended up in emergency sometime end of July 2021. As I was waiting for my turn to see a doctor I had a need to go to the bathroom. Again, reception had that large plastic sheeting and all were wearing masks. I approached reception and asked her where the bathrooms were. She could not hear me. I ask again, this time asking her where the bathrooms were. Again, she could not hear me. I then decided to speak louder to my request so that she could hear me. She apparently heard me this time but not before shouting at me in an angry voice “You don’t have to shout at me!!!”. Again, I was made to feel as if I was being abusive when I was not. I clearly resent all these hospital staff in accusing of abuse when it is not. Again, is it my fault that COVID happened and that we have these barriers in front of us making everyone unable to hear properly?? This receptionist once I spoke clearly and after her shouting the above at me told me where the bathrooms were. So speaking louder did produce a response from her but not before I got my head chewed off. It’s very disrespectful to be treated that way. In fact, I would say in both of these complaints that both receptionist were not receptive to COVID and it’s restrictions but they were the one to abuse me verbally.

I ask that your staff be trained properly as to how to treat clients during COVID. I understand about all the No Tolerance for abuse but this is going a little too far. I have had many of my friends and neighbours complaining to me about similar interactions not just in hospitals but public places in general where service people are very angry at the current situation and also taking the No Tolerance for Abuse a little too far. It seems as if the slightest issue sets them off towards a possible abuse case when that is far from it.

I ask that an investigation be looked into this. I also ask that you educate your service people properly with an understanding that COVID does come with restrictions and everyone is trying their best to accommodate the situation.