On July 27, 2021 I went to the emergency room becauseof extreme pain and peeing blood after a kidney stone surgery the day before. No pain medication has been prescribed by the surgeon.
I arrived at the Emergency room just after 3pm and was told by the triage nurseto not drink or eat anything until a doctor says so.
It took 4.5 hours before I was seen by a doctor and by that time I was dehidrated and in pain. How is this possible? Four and a half hours !!!!!

Somebody or the system has to be responsible for this terrible service. The explanation that it was a busy day and more serious cases, does not suffice. Whoever is in charge of assesing the gravity of a patient,s situation made an error of judgement keeping me dehidrated and in pain for that long when it is essential after the kidney surgery to drink as much fluids as possible.