After my second Covid shot I feel seriously ill. I experienced chills, fever, vomiting, no appetite, dehydration, severe chest pains, heart pains, coughing , facial swelling and partial hearing loss. I took myself to emergency and was met with bored, angry staff. No one tested for Covid on my arrival. I was shuffled off for x-ray and blood test. After waiting for several hours I met with a so called “doctor” who rally wasn’t interested in what I had to say. He looked into my ears, prescribed an antibiotic (without asking if I could afford it or not) then gave me a referral to a private clinic for heart tests and told me I was free to go….???? I came for help with heart pains, I left with heart pain and I still have it as I write this sad description….I got no help and I finally was tested for Covid as I left…this was really bad customer service and I now understand why a greater percentage of people die post visit at this hospital than any other (CBC survey). I was made to feel as If I was interfering with staff’s time and day even though there were few patients there at the time and got no help….