I live near Michael Garron Hospital. I have had several bad experiences there. All in the Emergency Dept. One time I was having an extreme asthma attack and they left me lying on a gurney with a Ventolin mask drowning me with Ventolin. A Doctor passed me in the hall and took charge and said they were drowning me. Ventolin mask should not be on for more than 10-15 minutes. Not 1 hour. One time I went in needing stiches, and the head nurse showed a new worker how to Krazy Glue the wound on my thumb closed. The child nurse then left alone with me , proceeded to fill my wound with Krazy Glue and that was it. She thought that was it done. I said close the wound now before the glue dries, She didn’t and the wound burned like fire, and dried to an open wound filled with hard glue. Next, I cut my eyeball with a thick wire at work, extremely painful, the worst pain. After 3 hours waiting I couldn’t take the pain any more, of course wait your turn. I left and went to the walk in clinic. They were sympathetic and understood this was more pain than most can take and helped me immediately. Michael Garron was worried I was a junkie. Next at 4am I woke with one of my molars broken, the pain was so bad, I made the mistake of thinking Michael Garron Emergency would help me, no again the junkies control there perception of men asking for pain relief, all men are junkies to them if you need pain relief. the told me to go to Shoppers Drug mart. I am sorry but they have nothing at the over counter pharmacy to relieve that kind of pain. I took my Wife at 2am with stomach cramps, she got an immediate morphine drip, no questions . She felt better and they never found anything wrong and asked her if she wanted more morphine, which she did not clearly need at that point. The Doctors and nurses need phycological traing so they don’t treat every man like he is a JUNKIE. Went to Michael Garron Hospital Emergency last night at 8:30pm last night, I was hit in the head 2 weeks ago and I have severe migraines and i an getting dizzy spells, after 3 hours I was told it would be another 2 hours. I left .