On July 2 2021 my sister went to the ER of Juravinski Hospital in Hamilton because of severe stomach pain. She had appendicitis last September and while we knew that wasn’t the issue she said the pain was nearly identical. She went to the ER at 1:00 AM and it took an hour and a half for her to be seen by the triage nurse who kept leaving for unknown reasons, there were only eight people waiting in that area. The nurse also didn’t know which patients were next as the number system wasn’t working and she wasn’t paying attention to patients. When my sister was finally seen her symptoms were not treated seriously by the triage nurse. When she went to the next waiting area a doctor saw her and took her blood telling her it would take an hour for results which ended up being two hours. As my sister waited for the doctor to return with her blood results the other nurses in the area told her and other patients to wake them up if they fell asleep because they were all so tired. When the doctor was going to see another patient he saw her and was then reminded of her blood results which he told her. He diagnosed her with a burst ovarian cyst but couldn’t properly diagnose it as he said they didn’t have access to imagining in the hospital to properly diagnose this. The lack of care is absolutely deplorable and diagnosing a patient without actually running the proper tests and scans is so unbelievably dangerous. No one should go to Juravinski in an emergency since diagnosis depend on the word of the doctor and no actual tests.