I very very rarely go to the hospital but my sciatica was so bad I had great pain and could not walk on my left leg. The pain was intense and I tried to book a doctor’s appointment but its near impossible to get one. So I arrived at the hospital at 10pm on a week night. They gave me some great drugs, good thing I’m not a recovering addict. I hate taking pain killers, so many people have died from addictions to them. Anyhow, they said go wait. But the chairs were too uncomfortable. I’m not sure who orders up chairs in a hospital setting but they are certainly out of tune with client’s needs and ergonomics. So, I stood for 4 hours then they called me in to submit me. Older folks were coming in via ambulance then they would dump them into the waiting room. We all sat for a good 8 hours still no movement. I could not stand anymore, so I found a corner to lay down. An hour later paramedics found me and said – you can not lay down on the floor. I said I can not sit and I don’t have the energy to stand anymore. They said, we don’t care go sit. I left. So did many hours before me fed up with the frustration. I feel bad for the older folks that were treated like broken cattle put in uncomfortable chairs to wait hours and hours. Anyhow, I lodged a complaint and got some feedback, but will the system change. I doubt it. not much empathy in those hospitals that’s for sure I think workers become complacent to human needs after working so many years in the system so it breaks down and client’s needs are forgot or human needs for that matter – compassion and empathy.