My wife is 16 weeks pregnant and she started bleeding suddenly on June 9th, 2021. We were scared and nervous and we had to rush to the ER at around 7 PM. The Doctor saw my wife around 12:30 AM!! 
She ordered the blood and urine samples and the nurse told us to come back the next day (06/10/2021) early in the morning for ultrasound. When my wife asked for requisition form she said all of your paperwork will be ready at the ER you just need to show up.
While we were on our way home we got a call from the same nurse saying we booked an appointment for you at 11:30 AM for tomorrow (06/10/2021). My wife asked again about the requisition form or any sort of paper work that we could bring with us? To which she replied everything will be ready for you at the ER and you only need to show up and tell ER you have an appointment.
When we showed up at 11:15 AM at the Lakeridge Hospital Ajax ER, The ER representative told us that we do not have any paperwork under your name and if you were booked for ultrasound you need to go to the Ultrasound room.
When my wife who is pregnant, BLEEDING and a nervous wreck went to the Ultrasound department she was told we have no bookings for you today and you will need a requisition form.
She was kind enough to call the central booking system if they had booking in their system and there was nothing.
My wife asked to get another consultation from another doctor if he/she can give a requisition and she was told that now you have to go to the whole procedure again as we do not have your charts or any records.
We spent 6 hours at the hospital yesterday!!! How can you be so careless? How can you treat a patient like this who is pregnant and suffering? Who is already scared what is happening with her looking for answers? If her misery was not enough that your staff is making a mockery out of her?
Is this how your hospital is treating patients?
On top of that we do not have names of either the doctor or the nurse so we can not even file a complaint against them.
We are angry, sad and disappointed at this joke of a hospital. This was not my first unpleasant experience but until today i have never seen such carelessness and hence never bothered to complain. 
Regards,A very frustrated and helpless patient!!