I arrived early at 0102 AM lost and in pain looking for the emergency , the screener name SARAH wearing a purple and white plaid top, hijab and purple Jordan’s, yells without a proper greeting and said can you come over here with a rude demeanor and tone of voice , she then asked me the covid questions while staring me up and down like she has a problem with me, I responded no to all the questions then I said I seen the reviews on this place and it’s at a 2 , then Sarah replied and I QUOTE ” then you should’ve went to another hospital then ” in disbelief I asked for her name , and informed her I will be making a complaint, she responded so and laughed. The next person in line was greeted with a smile and ” hello sir can you come over here please” so I stopped and turned around and said wow” he gets a greeting and smile and I get attitude and a biased attitude ” she then proceeded to treat him with respect but I was treated with unprofessionalism and disrespect all because I am a black female seeking medical treatment.