Was with my wife who was using a walker and going to the fracture clinic for an appointment. I was going to go with her but they refused to let me go although there were 2 couples ahead of us with only one person using a wheeled walker as my wife was using and 2- 3 couples behind us with only one person in each group using a wheeled walker . We observed these couples being allowed in . Why was I turned back . I would like an answer. I wa told I had to wait outside. I asked how I was to pick my wife up after her appointment . I was told she can phone you . I told them she did not have a phone or she does not remember my phone number. I was told that’s to bad you will just have to wait and see if she finds you. My wife waited almost 2 hours worring something had happened to me . She finally came to the exit and found me outside. We were both very upset over this rude treatment and hope it never happens again . Both found the receptionist to be very rude and unhelpful. An appology sure would be great.