Recently I had a Contrast CT scan. The radiologist sent a report to my family Docter.. They reached me ASAp after CT to inform me of the the mass, and many, many Lymph nodes enlarged in the chest cavity, My Dr immediately sent the case based on the clear results to Grand River oncology My doctor informed me it is very rare for them to admit any one, or review cases without a positive biopsy. Two days later I received all from the head of Oncology saying based on the case file,and radiologist detailed report,detailing the results found in GGH Finding. The oncologist Dr Jada Kuk, And the there team felt it was very important that I get immediately Admitted to start treatment there on the oncology floor. When I arrived already have connected to to Dr, stating the seriousness and urgency to get treatment, as this was a aggressive type of Lymphoma. Once admitted more tests were taken. 3 times I had the head of Oncology Dr Chow remind me of how grave my condition was, letting me know I was terminal, and to tell my children, I was devastated, he offered to make the call. I was devastated!! My husband and friends were beyond sadness and distressed . I had hit he bottom of the barrel I have never felt so sad and helpless,Depressed, angry, an emotional rollercoaster i wish on no-one After all test came back negative, Dr chow , came up to discuss this , and said he needs to go review this file again with other doctors .. He arrived about two hours later, He informed me with an incredible Frustration, and unbelievable shock, that tis could have Happen In all the years has this hospital, Oncology had this misdiagnosis. They are, and I , my family/Friends are left in complete disbelief and horrified this could happen! During my stay and Grand river Hospital, I experienced the horror of hearing of two deaths, witnessed a patient in my ward,being told they can do nothing more and go into hospice, Hearing her sobbing and in distressed I was tramitzed by this in away I can not explain I will never be unable to forget this horrific misdiagnoses and its lasting affects this has on me. I will never ever be the same person I was. I live in fear, Uncertainly, Scared , and traumatized beyond belief. Im paranoiad and have lost trust in faith in our system.. How can a gross misdiagnosis of terminal Cancer Happen? Due to this I have undergone 4 Core Biopsies Have had been exposed to Radiation, And live in fear and depression. I am pleased and great full not to have Cancer,however Im left a shell of I person I once was. Traumatized Forever. I would hope that this mistake never happens again, as it consequences are lasting, and tormenting. I have requested all my Records. I would appreciate a response ASAP! I require answers.I will be retaining a lawyer, as i have been advised to. GRH, mentioned action. This mistake has caused a much needed bed to be occupied , Docters time, energy And resources to be withheld for someone who truly required their exemplary care. Everyone is left horrified that this happened, Really unbelievable!!! Sorry for the run one sentences and Grammar. My cognitive ability has suffered from this drama.
Kindest Regards
Debbie Stocker
519 362-8399.