I brought my pregnant wife (4th month) here in the emergency at 10:44 pm on 1st april 2021 coz she was having severe unbearable bpain in her stomach. Here i am sitting outside the hospital even after 3 hours and 30 minutes, they haven’t done anything yet.
They kept her waiting for first hour, upon asking whats the delay they said doctor would arrive at 12 midnight then i waited for even 30 minutes more and then called the number to know the status, at 12:30 am the lady who picked up the call said, doctor doesn’t have one patient to see.. then again i waited for another 45 minutes and called back at 1:15 am then the lady says blood sample of the patient has been taken and sent to the lab.. and we are waiting for the results.. again waited for an hour then at 2:15 i called again and the nurse says i dont know whats next..
After waiting for 3 hours and 30 minutes thats what they say about the patient who came in emergency.. i still dont know how my wife must be feeling inside the hospital, they dont let anyone else go inside even though there are less than 10 people in total..
This is beyond worst..