Parking Authority and Fee: I came into the hospital for an appointment that was scheduled for 8:30 I parked the car in the parking lot near Emergency at 8:15 with construction around the hospital. I proceeded to go to the Wellness Centre with my ultrasound documents and the parking pass. The wind and having to wear a mask I didn’t see that my pass slipped out of my hands. I went into my appointment and finished well before 9:00 tried to locate the parking ticket. I call near the car where they have the assistive help button. They tell me to go to the building …which building I don’t know, no one is around to ask and I then back into the hospital to ask and they directed me to the parking authority that is located in the hospital (Would have been helpful if they had told me this). I explained what had happened with the parking tag (3 people) to assist. Anyway I told them I had come into the hospital for an appointment and that I had arrived at 8;15 approximately and that my appointment time was at 8:30. This was still all before 9:00 they then say that I need to pay the full amount of $15.00 whether or not they believed that I was only there 45 minutes. Not that I wouldn’t have paid the time that I was there but why pay $15.00.