My 21 year old daughter at the time was vomiting and could not stop. I took her to this hospital on January 27, 2021. After being there from approx 1:30pm-6pm. The Doctors concluded that a medication she was on, must have been making her ill. They sent us home with 3 medications to fill, all three prescriptions cost me $115. February 5th my daughter begins to feel ill again. I take her to the hospital February 8th, 9am – about 7pm, we finally discover they say there is a gallstone stuck in her bile duct and gallstones in gallbladder. They are admitting her and will do emergency surgery. Now my daughter has a developmental delay/ intellectual Disability and I advised if I left that night, I would have to come back the next day. Their own policy states that anyone with a cognitive delay can have a guardian with them. They wouldn’t let me come back. Their assessment was, they asked her if she knew where she was and she answered yes, so she didn’t me! So my daughter has an ERCP done and that doctor tells me that there is no stone, maybe just bile built up. He placed a stent in her bile duct. Why? I have no idea. I wait all afternoon for updates, the doctor going in to do the gallbladder surgery calls me while she is on the operating table to make sure they can do surgery. This was at 5pm. I waited almost 2.5 hours for someone to call. Finally finished. My daughter was of course highly medicated and sleeping for almost 2 days post surgery. It was so hard to understand all that happened. When she could eat/ what she could eat. They decided to release her Friday, she still had jaundice in her eyes. When I finally pick up my daughter-so relieved to just see her. She advises me that she got staples from surgery. I am little taken back, cause no one uses staples anymore. Why?? is my question. We were given no after care instructions. Later I find out, they are supposed to provide you with a staple remover when you leave the hospital, which I wasn’t. Too make this long story a little short. My daughter is now 2 weeks post op. I had to order my own staple remover from Amazon…..I kid you not! My family doctor removed staples. Now my family doctor is saying this surgery looks like it was rushed. Even she said, why staples. Staples done really poorly. They didn’t even line up skin properly. My daughter could be scarred permanently from this. I have called surgeon who did surgery today and cant wait to have this conversation with them. Oh no one has even checked to see if her Jaundice has gone away. She has to go back in March 11, 2021, to have stent removed. As we speak her incision which went down to belly button has puss slowly leaking out and it looks like incision is open a little. I have never been so angry and scared at our health care system until now. I find everyone is blaming everything on covid. I will never send my daughter to emergency here again. NEVER!!!!!!!!!