Today (02-19-2021) at 2:00am, I went to Saint Boniface Hospital emergency because I couldn’t breathe. I was made to sit on red chair awaiting further instructions. Then one of the hospital staff ‘Jessica’ was the receiving nurse called me to gather my information.
I was on the call because I was panicky and and alone (no one is allowed to accompany patients due to COVID). The nurse ‘Jessica’ called me for my turn at the booth. I wrapped up my call and went up to that booth. After general inquiries, she asked me why I was there. I took a pause to explain what was wrong with me as I was in pain. Then, she started yelling at me and treated me horribly. She said I am still on the phone and I should go back and sit on the red chair. She plain refused to attend me. Everyone was watching the way she was talking to me. I went there because I was in pain and instead of helping me, she gave me further anxiety and put me in unwanted distress. This is not what emergency staff should behave given that the patients that come in emergency are in dire need of help and not yelling.

Hospital management should really look into the way the staff is treating patients. They do not own the place. They are getting paid with the tax money that we are paying. Disrespect should not be a common norm in a place like this.