December 29, 2020, I went to the Michael Garron Hospital, regarding my foot injury. They took the x-ray and the doctor said that nothing was wrong. He didn’t he even check my foot, by just checking the x-ray, he said nothing was wrong. I don’t believe that he even looked at the x-ray. He told me that I sprained my ankle. He told me to just put ice and I could go back to work by tomorrow. However, that was not the case. For one month, I’ve been suffering. And got my foot checked by a family doctor. My family doctor took a X-ray and informed me that their is a fracture in my foot. The family doctor referred me to the North York General Hospital, they told me to rest for a month. Due to which I’m not able to go to work. Whatever the treatment that could have been done on the first day, had been delayed. I’m still suffering and unaware of what’s going to happen after a month. I got a new job and maybe I will lose my job because of the careless mistake made by the doctor at Michael Garron Hospital.