This is not a complaint against the care that my mother is receiving. It is related to the fact that my mother suffers from dementia and one of her only source of entertainment is the t.v. Which she can still remember how to manipulate. She was transferred to an isolated room and the tv isn’t functional, she has been in that room for 4 weeks now with NO TV. I have brought her a tablet with bell vibe application however, she doesn’t remember how to manipulate it and spends her days sleeping or looking at the 4 walls. I have contacted the company that provides tv services approx. 5 times and placed request for a technician only to be told that they were not able to find technicians to go the Montfort. UNACCEPTABLE, I understand that we are in the COVID pandemic however, with proper protocols, there is possibility to send a technician to fix the problems. There are many “tickets” for technical difficulties at the Montfort that are open with the Health Hub patient engagement solutions. Furthermore, the team at 6C is aware of my mother”s limitations however, nobody drops in hier room to ask if she needs anything except to give her medications. Nobody seems to care, I appreciate being able to visit her and I wish I was allowed more time with her so I could try to stimulate her a bit more. She’s’ at the end of the hall, can”t see outside because the windows are way too high, no tv, no connection with nobody else except the nurse of the day, the PSW and myself. That is a sad situation that could be helped with the involvement of someone at the hospital that represents patient services. My next step is contacting the local media which will be more than happy to cover this story. I would appreciate a call or a reply to my email. Lise Legault